In Canada, a plane with 400 passengers on board caught fire during takeoff (video)

Anastasia Kryshchuk

In Canada, a plane with 400 passengers on board caught fire during takeoff (video)
A dangerous incident occurred in Canada during the takeoff of a passenger plane. Source: pixabay

An extraordinary event took place at the airport in Toronto, Canada: a Boeing-777 plane caught fire during takeoff, with about 400 passengers on board. This incident happened with an aircraft belonging to Air Canada.

This is reported by Inews with reference to the local television and radio company CP24. Fortunately, it is known that none of the passengers were injured.

A video showing the emergency situation appeared online. The recordings clearly show that immediately after takeoff, the engine of the aircraft started sparking, and in a moment tongues of flame began to burst out of it, which led to the fire engulfing the rear part of the aircraft.

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The plane, which was operating flight AC872 to France and was carrying approximately 400 people, was reportedly forced to return immediately to Toronto's Pearson International Airport due to the incident. The plane with 389 passengers on board turned around and landed successfully.

The airline representative received information that all passengers were unharmed.

"The passengers were transferred to another aircraft later that evening. There were 389 passengers and 13 crew members on board the Boeing 777...Our pilots are highly qualified professionals who are well trained to safely manage such incidents. And in this case, the situation was quickly stabilized , in accordance with our standard procedures - and the plane made a normal landing," the airline said in a statement.

We will remind you that earlier in Ivanovo, Russia, an Il-76 plane caught fire and crashed over the Northern Airfield.

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