Mysterious dungeon discovered on Mars that could preserve extraterrestrial life

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Mysterious dungeon discovered on Mars that could preserve extraterrestrial life
An interesting dungeon found on Mars. Source: pixabay

Scientists have discovered a mysterious hole on the surface of Mars that looks like a "pipeline" and could be a place where ancient extraterrestrial life could be preserved.

According to information published by the Daily Mail, the entrance to this dungeon is located on the edge of a volcano in the Tarsus region and is a crater-like hole with a diameter of approximately 46 meters. Scientists believe that it can serve as a fairly good place to live, as it provides protection from radiation and the extreme conditions of the Red Planet.

The researchers have not yet determined the exact depth of the discovered underground space, but there is a version that it may be a lava tube that was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption.

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"We have seen more than one such pit on Mars. They are very interesting for research, because it is there that astronauts can protect themselves from radiation," said Brandon Johnson of Purdue University, an expert in the study of craters on various objects in the solar system.

It is worth recalling that about a year ago, humanity received a mysterious "call from the heavens": a cipher that needed to be solved. The author of this message was Daniela de Paulis, an artist-in-residence at the SETI Institute, who aimed to create an imitation of a signal from another planet. And although the message was of terrestrial origin, it was really sent from outside our planet.

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