How to rest in the most unique hotels of Ukraine: impressive ideas for a weekend trip

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How to rest in the most unique hotels of Ukraine: impressive ideas for a weekend trip
We stay in unusual hotels of Ukraine. Source: https://www.booking.com/

Rest should be pleasant and unforgettable, especially during the period of tension and fast-paced life. We have selected 9 hotels in Ukraine that will remind you of the meaning of rest and fill you with energy during the weekend, thanks to their unique atmosphere and non-standard approach to your vacation.

How to rest in the most unique hotels of Ukraine: impressive ideas for a weekend trip
Rest in a hotel in Kyiv to increase your IQ. Source: https://www.facebook.com/

1. IQ Hotel in Kyiv

Having rested in a super modern hotel in Kyiv, you will no longer be able to say: "But I don't understand these technologies." A great option to catch up with the knowledge of children and grandchildren and see ideas for decorating your house or apartment. If you need to combine vacation with remote work or study, this is the best location to escape to in the middle of the week.

The hotel rooms are equipped with the "smart home" function, which will give you the opportunity to play a little "man of the future". Minimalist design and interesting interior solutions implement functionality and focus on goals. On the territory of the hotel there is a delicious restaurant, which also keeps up with modern fashion trends in the world of food. You can be picked up directly from the train station by the hotel shuttle and delivered to the honeymoon suite, where romantic surprises will help you spend the weekend with love for each other. Find time to go bowling and enjoy drinks from the vending machine.

How to rest in the most unique hotels of Ukraine: impressive ideas for a weekend trip
A nice stopover in the ominous (looking) hotel of Ukraine - ''Black Castle''. Source: https://www.facebook.com/

2. Hotel "Black Castle" in Ivano-Frankivsk

Legends about knights inspired architects and designers. The hotel was built in the Austro-Hungarian style of the XV-XVI centuries. It will be hard to stop your curiosity, because the walls of the "Black Castle" are full of artifacts, antiques and unique furniture. Thoughtful details will allow you to travel back in time and feel like brave knights or fragile princesses. For atmosphere and mood, you can visit the beauty salon, where modern materials have long been used instead of soot and beets, and royal care has been preserved.

The hotel has a restaurant complex where you can have breakfast or order a romantic dinner or celebrate your important date. A little advice for travelers: if you have a carnival costume or an elegant outfit in which you want to hold a photo shoot for social networks, take it with you without thinking, the scenery is simply impressive.

How to rest in the most unique hotels of Ukraine: impressive ideas for a weekend trip
Different historical periods of Ukraine are highlighted in separate rooms - Hotel ''Istoria''. Source: https://www.booking.com/

3. Hotel "History" in Bukovel (Polyanytsia village)

To settle in the middle of history in the literal sense of these words. An impressive hotel in Bukovel provides such an opportunity. You choose a specific period and check into a room full of history in paintings, photos, historical facts and interiors. In fact, this is a unique museum of Ukraine with a non-standard, modern approach to the study of history.

An incredible view of the nature of the Carpathians will await you outside the windows, and there will be a lot of entertainment on the territory: a children's playground, a sauna, a jacuzzi and a restaurant. In the evening, lights are lit on the terraces and guests are greeted in the hotel bar with fun programs and a light atmosphere. Open-air pools add relaxation and switch to rest, and in the restaurant you can taste all the traditional dishes of Transcarpathian cuisine. Each season brings its own additional activities. Try your hand at skiing in winter, and in the warm season add a horse ride, hiking or relaxing on a sun lounger with a cool drink.

How to rest in the most unique hotels of Ukraine: impressive ideas for a weekend trip
Aqua complex of the hotel ''Drevniy Grad'' is not so ''ancient''. Source: https://drevnygrad.com.ua/

4. Country hotel-park "Drevniy Grad" in Lviv

It is possible to be inspired by the fresh air, look at the picturesque nature and be only 20 minutes from the center of Lviv. The park hotel was created at the direction of eco-hotels, where the first attention is paid to health and longevity. A kind of modern retreat without losing relations with advanced technologies.

The spacious rooms are decorated with wood and wooden furniture. Various halls and decorative locations on the territory allow you to adjust to your special holiday. The Rumba aqua complex is also located on the territory of the hotel-park, where children and adults have fun on water slides all summer.

You can have a delicious meal both in the restaurant hall and among the large green lawns on which eco gazebos are located. Be sure to follow the event site program to be in the center of fun and positive emotions. If you are a resident of Lviv or its surroundings and do not need accommodation, you can come for a day's rest and please yourself and your relatives with any relaxation location, including an aqua zone.

How to rest in the most unique hotels of Ukraine: impressive ideas for a weekend trip
The future has already arrived in the modern hotel of Kyiv - MONOTEL. Source: https://www.booking.com/

5. MONOTEL in Kyiv

Rest in the capital at the level of leading Japanese hotels is offered in the MONOTEL network. Have you ever rested in a sleep capsule? This is your chance. Innovative technologies will help you check into the hotel without any human assistance and leave in the same way. The system of online registration and digital management began to gain momentum during the Corona virus and is still quite popular and convenient.

Vertically located capsule-rooms have different sizes and equipment. The clean air supply system allows you to saturate the brain with oxygen right in the middle of the metropolis. The equipment of the capsules includes a bed, headphones, a mirror, a charging system for various gadgets and free Wi-Fi. It may seem a little fantastic, and an overnight stay in such a capsule can cost you only UAH 600 per person, or UAH 1,000 for a couple. On the territory of the hotel itself there is everything necessary for storing things or taking a morning shower. You can include breakfast in your stay and use dry cleaning or ironing services. Currently, there are two representatives of this network of innovative hotels in Kyiv.

How to rest in the most unique hotels of Ukraine: impressive ideas for a weekend trip
Tune in to the musical wave of a driving weekend at the ''Room and Rumors'' hotel in Odessa. Source: https://hotels24.ua/

6. Design hotel "Room and Rumors" in Odessa

Where is Odesa without gossip. A colorful place can give you a very bright weekend with your favorite theme. Each hotel room has an exclusive interior and common style. For fans of ROK style music, this stop is a must. Vinyl and guitars fill the walls, and on the doors of the rooms you will find such familiar names as: Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison and Lenny Kravitz.

The hotel itself occupies two floors of a residential building and has only 6 rooms for occupancy. If you are planning a sea vacation in Odessa no matter what, make your stop by the sea unique.

The hotel offers its guests refined and interesting interiors in the loft style, as well as service and the possibility of washing and ironing clothes upon request.

How to rest in the most unique hotels of Ukraine: impressive ideas for a weekend trip
The center of Kyiv in your window at the 11 MIRRORS hotel. Source: https://11mirrors-hotel.com/

7. Design hotel 11 MIRRORS in Kyiv

The hotel's unique location in the capital made it a desirable stopover. You will be in the very center of all the cultural events of Kyiv and the opportunity to walk around all the famous attractions.

The hotel halls are an example of elegance and modernity. The high level of service allows you to feel easy and relaxed. While staying at the hotel, you can engage in beauty and health activities. Thanks to the spa center and the gym, you will have a choice of active and relaxing rest.

If you wanted to hide from everyone for a few days without leaving the city, you are looking in the right direction. At the 11 MIRRORS hotel, you will be able to be alone with yourself, do only yourself and recharge your strength for the future journey.

How to rest in the most unique hotels of Ukraine: impressive ideas for a weekend trip
Resting in another era, the weekend is a great opportunity to recharge, Radomysl Castle. Source: https://www.booking.com/

8. Hotel VIA REGIA in Radomysl (Zhytomyr Region)

Settling in a castle is sometimes easier than you think. Radomysl Castle Boutique Hotel is a great opportunity to confirm this. The unique architectural structure is located in the middle of green areas and is washed by water. The rooms are named after famous people and have different interior concepts. Choose a prominent person to research and book a room.

I don't know if you will have enough weekend for a full excursion and it is worth trying. The historical atmosphere will be everywhere you look, if you do not consider the modern light switches and sockets. In addition to the excursion, you can include various thematic workshops, visits to the paper mill and tastings in the restaurant several times a day.

You can choose a ready-made program for staying in the castle. For example, there is the eco-program "Digital detox weekend", where you will disconnect from the world, at least for a few days. Rooms per day cost from UAH 3,000 (two persons).

How to rest in the most unique hotels of Ukraine: impressive ideas for a weekend trip
change the picture in front of your eyes for the weekend - hotel ''Landscape''. Source: https://www.booking.com/

9. Mini-hotel "Krayevyd" in Yaremche

The hotel offers rustic, refined rest in Transcarpathian style. Silence, peace, coziness and an incredibly harmonious atmosphere. The hotel is decorated with wood and stonework, has viewing terraces, wood-burning fireplaces and many modern facilities such as Wi-Fi, coffee machine in the room, barbecue area and restaurant on the premises.

Located in the Carpathian Mountains, the "Landscape" hotel can always offer you interesting activities, both active and relaxing. The family atmosphere and care of the owners will give you the feeling of a native home and the desired peace of mind. You can come in as a group of friends or as a family, take a room with a private bathroom, or cook in a shared kitchen. A wide selection of conditions provides a good range of prices.

How to rest in the most unique hotels of Ukraine: impressive ideas for a weekend trip
Wait until dark to have some fun after work and study at Bursa Hotel. Source: https://www.facebook.com/

10. Bursa Hotel in Kyiv

It is a well-known pearl of the capital, where foreign tourists are taken on excursions. The hotel has 33 rooms with designer furniture and a special wall concept. The atmosphere is created by projecting broken corners. standards of recreation and expanding your views. The rooftop bar is a special place of strength for young people who know exactly what they want from recreation in the middle of the metropolis. An inspired library gives a special mood, concentrates on oneself and, on one's desires, directs and balances. A bistro is also open on the territory, where you will feel easy and free.

Sometimes, affording one night in a comfortable hotel is a much better option than waiting 10 years for a two-week vacation. We do not postpone life for later.